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The 8 Strategies to Highly Effective Credit

The 8 Strategies to Highly Effective Credit

If you are like most people, you have some questions about credit. Here are 8 things to consider before you invest.

1. Do not apply for any new credit


2. If you are considering Bankruptcy, Do not file for Bankruptcy.


3. Apply online for  a recent copy of  your credit report, that includes your credit  score from 


4. If you have any debts that have been assigned to a collection agency.  I suggest   that you do 

    not pay a single dime or negotiate with any credit collectors until you have taken this course


5. Know your total outstanding debts


6. Know your interest rate, you are paying on all your debts


7. Know your  total available credit


8. As an investor, working towards creating and generating wealth, ask yourself these questions.

    If I have access to $400, 000 what would I do with it? How well would I manage that money? 

    How would I leverage that money to build wealth?