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Some simple steps to energy efficiency

Here are some intersting tips from the Presedent of the Toronto Real Estate Board

Roof shingles are now available in recycled materials. Environmentally friendly spray foam insulation can help prevent dampness, keep out pollutants and contribute to structural strength, is even partially made with recycled materials.

Even older homes can me made more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

Start with an Energy Star programmable thermostat that will save on heating and cooling costs when you’re not home. Or you can invest in a new high efficiency furnace or air conditioner. Adding insulation to the attic of your home will offer reduced energy costs for years to come as well.

A tank-less water heater will also save on energy costs. They provide only the amount of heated water that you need rather than maintaining it in a cylinder.

When renovating, you can do your part for the environment by choosing wood flooring, and even carpet, made with recycled content. Look for low VOC paints and stains as well, which reduce the number of unstable, carbon-containing compounds that enter the air and react with other elements. In your washrooms, install low-flow faucets, showerheads and toilets.

Replacing old windows with low-E argon-filled units and appliances that have the Energy Star symbol.

Tips by: Tom Lebour is President of the Toronto Real Estate Board, published in the Toronto Star