There are many documents used to complete a Real Estate Transaction and typically when you are ready to submit an offer on a property; anxiety, nerves and dollar signs are all consuming your thoughts. Naturally, the forms become an afterthought. 

The following are typical forms which are completed when you first begin working with a Realtor. Once your Realtor explains the types of relationships you as a buyer can have with them, and you feel comfortable enough with the person and want to work with them to find the right property for you, you can then complete these forms.

Buyer Representation Agreement
Working with a Realtor

It is now required by the provincial government that anyone buying or selling a property must show a vaild piece of government issued Identification.  This is to help prevent fraud in Real Estate.  The following is the form which is filled.


Here is the most important document you will sign when buying or selling a property explained in  "plain language": 

Agreement of Purchase and Sale
Agreement of Purchase and Sale for Condo's

Developing an understanding of these forms ahead of time will help to release the pressure of wondering "what did I just sign??"  during the buying process.

If you have any further questions regarding this information, I am more than happy to help answer them for you!